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Relish Yo' Mama is a place for sharing recipes and remembering the times, people and tastes of our mamas, grandmamas and papas as well as their culinary heritage. 'Mama' also refers to Mama Earth ... who not only gives her goodness with the fruits and veggies of her bounty but who we are striving to protect through actions of preservation and conservation.

Preserving all of this goodness is the stuff of memories as well as the recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation. Familiar sights, in many recipe boxes, are those snippets of paper with scratched out measurements that have been honed through time and experience…and so many delicious experiments.

Please consider Relish Yo' Mama "your place" to share and relish the memories of the folks who have canned before… and have passed along the recipes for relishes, jams, salsas and all sorts of secrets that can be enjoyed as well as preserved forever through their sharing.


Here's a Recipes to Relish (and Think about) …

Dandelion Jelly How to Can Video

More recipes to come... Want the Basics about Canning?
Check out our video here.

Canning Video